About Us

Manufacturer of Heat Resistant Steel Castings for Heat treatment process with a vast experience of more than 30 years.

  • Fixtures for – Carburizing, Nitriding, Carbonitriding, Vacuum Nitriding, Tempering, LPC
  • Pit Type Furnace Fixtures
  • Furnace Rail, Rollers, Fan Impellers, Cast doors, Burners

Starting as a small foundry with an indirect arc furnace in a remote town in India, Kapeel Founders has only grown since then to become one of the leading producers of heat resisting steel Castings in India. Attention to each customer need and a dedication to deliver the latest, most innovative technology to our clients make Kapeel Founders a leader in the casting industry. The company has a very broad customer base ranging from very small single furnace Heat Treatment Shops to huge Steel Forge shops, Gear Manufacturers & Automobile industries in India and abroad.

Our Products Range Consists of

  • Base Tray’s, Components Holding Plates, Pillers, Gear Links, Suspender Rod
  • Bottom Star, Intermediate Star & Plates for Pit Furnaces
  • Rails & Roller, Fan, Impeller, Furnace Doors, Rail Guide Slipper, Burner.

Our Fixture are Suitable for water, oil, ploymer quenching as well as Nitriding.

Our Special Alloy making process ensures the Casting withstands all loads exerted on the fixtures, and are utilized to maximum.