Design & Projection

Kapeel Founders has its own technical department that projects and designs fixtures depending upon individual customer.

Engineering design and drafting capabilities are available, including CAD. Your special requirements are no problem for us. We can convert fabricated parts to less expensive and more functional castings. All heats are analyzed to ensure that they conform to the appropriate ASTM and/or customer specifications. Our engineers are always ready to answer your questions about materials and applications.

Kapeel Founders is specialized in Design and Manufacture of Heat Treatment Fixtures for Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnaces, Sealed Quench Furnaces, Vacuum Furnaces, Fluidized Bed furnaces, Shaker Hearth Furnaces and fixtures suitable for polymer quenching.

While designing and modifying Heat Treatment Fixtures, we take into consideration following parameters:

  • Maximum utilization of the Heat Treatment Furnace capacity.
  • Longevity (Life) of the Fixture.
  • Minimum weight of the Fixture.
  • Performance Ratio i.e. weight of the Heat-treated Components to the Weight of the Fixture. This ratio has to increase.
  • Loading and unloading ease for the Operators.
  • Selection of proper alloys depending on load, temperature and type of Heat Treatment.
  • For Mass Production we design fixtures in such a configuration that fixtures are loaded in the machine shop by the machine operator and transported to the Heat Treatment Department.
  • All Fixtures have as cast test piece, month & year of manufacture, Grade and Company logo for identification.